The Brief


Danish ballet legend Peter Schaufus has recently chosen Edinburgh ​as the location for his new full time performance school. Our brief was to encourage Scotland's best young dancers to attend a Masterclass in March and ultimately encourage them to enrol in the full time school.

What We Did

This was a multi channel project. We started by updating their basic, simplistic website and online sign up process. We replaced it with a slick, modern experience with an easy to use checkout that made singing up to the Masterclass very easy!

Once the website was ready to go, film student Andrew created a launch video which went live on Facebook and appealed directly to prospective students and parents. 

Finally, we had to engage both parents and prospective students. On Facebook, we profiled local dancers that had already signed up, emphasising the benefits of the Masterclass to parents. We created engaging ballet content, making use of Instagram story polls & question stickers to keep prospective students engaged.

The Result

Over 40 Masterclass sign ups and a five figure revenue.