LinkedIn: Who, What, Why?

LinkedIn has been around a little longer than the majority of today’s major social networks. Originally designed as a professional networking tool in 2002, the site’s capabilities have gradually expanded and its audience has grown. Today, LinkedIn can make up a very important part of your social media marketing strategy if you use it correctly and are targeting a very specific audience.


As you know by now, LinkedIn markets itself as a ‘professional’ social network. This makes it a very niche form of social media and does restrict the audience you can reach on the site. However, if you are focused on B2B marketing or promoting your business to career driven individuals, LinkedIn may be the social network for you. Another way LinkedIn can come in very useful is helping grow your brand as an employer. LinkedIn’s extensive recruitment tools allow you to advertise job openings, build your brand and attract the freshest talent directly.


As a more niche service, LinkedIn requires a different type of content. If you’re looking to post funny videos of dogs or pictures of fantastic looking food, LinkedIn probably isn't for your business. However, quality, factual content can engage a large audience on LinkedIn. Where a Facebook and Twitter audience expect very frequent updates, you can often take your time on LinkedIn and produce some more interesting and though out content. Reports, info graphs and insightful product videos tend to do very well on LinkedIn and can attract large volumes of visitors to your page.


If that audience your attracting is business minded and that bit more professional, LinkedIn can play an essential role in your social media arsenal. Engaging reports and information can demonstrate your business’ professional capabilities to a wide audience and also attract potential new hires. A properly managed LinkedIn page can offer something totally different to other forms of social media and is certainly worth considering for any B2B or professional focused business.

If you’re looking to grow your B2B marketing activities, attract a different customer segment or grow your brand as an employer get in touch with 95 Social. Our social media managers can take control of your LinkedIn page and ensure you get the results you deserve, hassle free.

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