Twitter: Who, What, Why?

Twitter is the original micro-blogging site. Founded in 2006, the site captured the imagination with its succinct nature. Limiting people to 140 characters is really what made the site catch on. People could get news quickly, concisely and all unfiltered by traditional news organisations. This content came from real people.


Twitter is a mishmash of individuals, media outlets and companies. Big personalities and organisations dominate Twitter. People essentially use the site to read the thoughts and musings of their favourite brands and celebrities. Largely populated by quick-witted millennials and bloggers as well as a substantial middle aged population, Twitter offers your business a broad, captive audience that are there to read and engage with your material.


Obviously, you are constrained by the famous 140 character limit which you may think will leave you with a series of bland tweets. However, Twitter really becomes useful when you use it to share links to content on your website, such as a blog or news page. Graphic content is always the most engaging and is near enough essential on Twitter, so a picture or two is always good to catch the eye. Recently, Twitter allowed videos to be directly embedded into tweets for the first time, giving you one more possible creative outlet. Twitter offers you a unique platform to talk to your customers and express your brand personality. Twitter polls allow you to encourage high engagement on certain topics and replying to a tweet often feels a whole lot more personal that a Facebook comment.


As well as being a fantastic place to inform your followers of news and promotions, Twitter is a great place to express your brand’s personality. Utilising both the formal and casual elements of Twitter offers your business a platform to inform and build relationships. Twitter is also an important place to drive website traffic. Short snippets of blog posts or news accompanied by links to your homepage can bring customers right to your online shopfront.

If Twitter seems like an area of your social strategy that could be developed or improved, give us a shout. Our 95 Social media managers are well equipped to answer your questions, set up and run your very own Twitter page.

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