Instagram: Who, What, Why?

Instagram is part of a younger crowd of social platforms in more ways than one. Founded in 2010 exclusively as a mobile app, Instagram is all about photos. The concept of a photo sharing service is by no means unique, but Instagram’s clean, user friendly interface captured the imagination of young people across the globe. Since being acquired by Facebook, Instagram has gone mainstream and is one of the fastest growing social networks around.


In its early days, Instagram was the preserve of young, trendy folk who were desperate to show the world the avocado on toast they were having for brunch. This crowd is still active on Instagram, but today the platform is much more diverse. With over 600 million active monthly users, people of all ages, genders and social statuses are on Instagram today, making it a must for your business. Pop star Taylor Swift is the most followed person on Instagram, with brands such as Nike, Victoria’s Secret and FC Barcelona also drawing a massive following.


Photos, videos and boomerangs? From its conception as a photo sharing application, Instagram has morphed into a versatile media sharing platform. Videos came to Instagram in 2013 and shortly after; the company announced boomerangs. Boomerangs are short bursts of 10 photos that Instagram stitches together to create one, smooth animation. These different types of media allow your brand a fantastic opportunity to be creative and visually impress your customers. In the past year, Instagram has gone into overdrive, adding two major new features; stories and galleries. Instagram stories follow much the same principle as Snapchat and allow users to upload video instantaneously that is deleted after 24 hours. Galleries, launched just last week, allow a user to upload multiple photos in one post and have the potential to revolutionise retail marketing on the platform.


If there is a visual element to your business you need to be on Instagram. For restaurants, bars and cafes to clothing, product and interior designers, Instagram represents a unique opportunity to showcase your products to a wide audience. Instagram’s young and active user base make it a go to platform if your target audience is anywhere from 13-35. Don’t forget, Instagram is owned by Facebook. This means that many of the same advertising tools are available on both platforms, allowing you to promote your business simply, affordably and measurably.

If Instagram sounds like the social network for your brand but you don't know where to start; contact a 95 Social media manager today at:

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