3 Quick Tips For B2B Marketing

Marketing is personal. As a small business selling to other companies it can seem impossible to stand out. But, never fear, 95 Social have 5 tips for B2B Marketing that we know will help you stand out amongst the competition in a busy B2B marketplace.

You Are Actually Selling To People, Not Businesses

Business entities don’t make decisions, but people do! Think about it, who makes the decisions within your business; the founder, a department manager, the procurement officer or a CEO? All of these decision makers are real people with personalities. They are who you are selling to, not ‘the business’.

95 Social’s Tip: Consider who will decide whether or not a company will buy your product and target your communications to them. Imagine their personality traits, their interests and what may engage them.

Choose Your Social Platforms Wisely

That Instagram account may not be best for your business. Remember that your choice of social media platform can restrict what you post and who your content reaches. The platform you choose also says something about your brand. Selecting the wrong platforms can project the wrong brand image.

95 Social’s Tip: Think carefully about your brand, what content you want to share and who you are trying to communicate with. Choose a platform that reflects your brand and allows you to share content that will be seen by and engage your target audience.

Content Is Key

Remember, marketing is all about telling your story! Producing content that is engaging and tells people exactly what you’re all about is essential, particularly when selling to other businesses. Better still, don’t be scared to educate your audience and give them advice. You are experts at what you do, let them see that.

95 Social’s Tip: Make sure your brand image shines through in the content you produce. Don't be afraid to help and educate your audience, sharing information with them will be mutually beneficial.

For more on how to make the most of your B2B marketing activities contact 95 Social today!

Whether it’s content, social media management or more general marketing advice you need, we can help!

Get in touch today: hello@95Social.co.uk

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