Here’s Why Facebook Are Copying Snapchat

If you’ve checked Facebook Messenger this week you may have noticed their new Snapchat inspired feature; Messenger Days. If you’re an Instagram user you will know all about the Stories feature. Over the past few months, our favourite social networks have started looking very, very similar. Snapchat has changed the way we think about social media, so naturally, Facebook (Instagram’s owners) are interested. But why are they so intent on imitating that little ghost?

A Long Running Saga

Facebook is involved in a long running saga with Snapchat. In 2013, they made a $3 billion offer to acquire the relatively young company. The bid failed. Since then, Facebook has continually tried to imitate Snapchat in through a number of different products resembling Snapchat across both Facebook and Instagram. Maybe it is a determination to out-develop the company that turned them down all those years ago that spurs Facebook on?

People Post On Snapchat More Often

How often do you update your personal Facebook account? Not often I bet. Snapchat users create significantly more content each day than Facebook’s users do. People prefer the medium of picture and video to express themselves. Snapchat makes it easy to post pictures and video whereas Facebook typically involves a more time consuming picture upload process. Making the photo and video sharing process easier appeals to customers and results in more content creating, daily users. Simple.

Snapchat Is Friendlier

Snapchat is a more personal product. Picture focused messaging gives friends and customers a ‘behind the scenes’ look at your life. When users associate a product with their friends, they feel more comfortable using it and tend to be much more engaged. User engagement is essential to Facebook’s success as an advertising platform. Developing products that people feel comfortable using will boost engagement and in turn, maximise their advertising revenue.

Down With The Kids

Facebook are in this for the long run. As one of the world’s largest internet companies they have invested a lot in future technologies and want to remain sustainable. Snapchat is far more popular with younger people than Facebook. If the next generation don’t like Facebook, this threatens the future of Zuckerberg’s empire. Facebook’s Snapchat-esque products are designed to develop their next generation of users.

All these new products present new marketing opportunities for your business. Whether your audience prefers Instagram Stories, Messenger Days or Snapchat we can help you engage and entertain your market. Get in touch with 95 Social today to discuss the next step in your social media marketing strategy.

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