5 Edinburgh Bars Refreshing Instagram

Last week we had a look at what some of the best cafes in our home town of Edinburgh are getting up to on Instagram. Coffee snaps galore, it showed us just how creative your business can be on Instagram and how to engage your audience. This week we’re looking for some stronger stuff and as day turns to night, we turn our attention to 5 of the best Edinburgh bars on Instagram.

Hoot The Redeemer @hoottheredeemer

From the team that brought you Panda and Sons, Hoot serves amazing cocktails and even some alcoholic slushes. These impressive drinks provide Hoot with some amazing Instagram content. The bar’s retro, fairground styles comes across in every snap, making them the perfect Instagram account to learn from.

The Devils Advocate @thedaoldtown

What do you get when you cross a stunning location and some of the best drinks in town? That’s right; the best photos in town. The Devil’s Advocate is an Edinburgh institution and their Instagram isn’t too bad either. The combination of the bar’s rustic, modern interior and Instagram worthy drinks makes theirs an account to check out.

Lucky Liquor @luckyliquorco

A refreshingly modern bar with a theme that is echoes throughout their social media communications. Consistently simple, aesthetically pleasing snaps are proving to be the recipe to Lucky Liquor’s Instagram success. If crisp, clean and bright photos of thirst quenching drinks are your thing, give Lucky Liquor a follow.

The Blackbird @theblackbirdedinburgh

A quirky take on a classic Edinburgh bar, garnished with a city centre beer garden makes The Blackbird one of our favourites. They use Instagram very creatively, giving their followers an insight into the every day life of the bar. The Blackbird’s use of this photo sharing platform could provide your business with a template for how to run a successful Instagram account.

Brewdog Cowgate @brewdogedin

Scotland’s ultra punk craft beer start up has a branch right here in the capital. As one of the world’s fastest growing brewers, they have a pretty huge following. Despite their size each of their bars has its own unique atmosphere. The crew behind Brewdog Edinburgh’s Instagram do a great job of showing off their extraordinary range of beer as well as some of their loyal customers.

Instagram can be ultra rewarding for your brand but is tough to master. Looking for some advice on how to get the most out of your account? Contact a 95 Social media manager today!

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