Why Social Media Stats Aren’t That Important

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LikedIn offer fantastic analytical insights for free. But, here at 95 Social, we think like humans, not machines and we like to think beyond the stats. Here are the three social media stats that we think people focus on far too often.


Having loads of followers is great isn't it? Sure, it is, but what you should be focusing on is quality not quantity. Having lots of followers could be compared to shouting about a niche product in the middle of Princes Street, lots of people will hear you but only a few will care. As a social marketer, your focus should be on attracting more followers that care and are interested in your product or service. Content is key here. Creating content that attracts, entertains and interests your target audience will bring you followers. Don't stress about the numbers.

Reach and Impressions

Facebook and Instagram reach and Twitter impressions are simply the number of unique users that have seen your post on their feed. This does give your business exposure but can be a bit like driving a billboard through town. Your goal should instead be to look for engagement. Tailoring your content to be interactive, exciting and personable to your target audience will boost engagement and interaction with your brand. You walk past thousands of people in the street each day, but it’s the people you speak to that you remember. It’s the same on social media. Be approachable and engaging, not just an icon on the newsfeed.


I know we just said engagement is important. It is, but after a while it becomes less important. Again, let’s relate this back to offline life. There are people you walk past in the street, people you talk to often and then there are the people you really click with. You trust these people and will do anything to help them out. Your business needs to be like this person online in order to convert engagement into trust and trust into sales. On social media (as in real life) being consistent, relatable and generally fun to be around is key.

So there we have it. It may sound a little contradictory, but we see it as a process. First, you need the right type of followers, then you need to engage them and finally, you need to form a close bond.

At 95 Social we help you tailor your social media strategy to your audience so you can build a bond with your followers that leads to real business results.

To get in touch email us today: hello@95Social.co.uk

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