The Best April Fools From Around Social Media

April Fool’s day presents businesses of all sizes with a unique opportunity to share a joke and show a bit more of their brand’s personality. Here are some of our favourites from around social media this April Fools Day!

BNB Buddy

This Edinburgh based Airbnb management service fooled their Facebook fans by announcing a new addition to their already impressive property portfolio.

The Edinburgh Fringe

The Edinburgh Fringe is synonymous with the dodgy Scottish weather. But thankfully the team at the Fringe Society are doing something about it! Complete with a spoof crowdfunding project, this prank fooled a few.


Emirates are arguably the world’s best airline. So if anyone is going to add a swimming pool, games room, gym and park to their latest aircraft, it’d be them, right? This creative use of Instagram’s new gallery feature was one of this year’s best stunts.


Nothing signals the start of your holiday like a drink at the airport. With Tennent’s handy new flight sized can you can take your favourite Scottish lager on board. We can dream…

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