An Introduction To 95 Social From Jack

I’m Jack, the founder of 95 Social. Up until now I’ve remained largely anonymous, behind the 95 Social Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. As I prepare to grow the business, expanding operations in Edinburgh and beyond, I figure now would be a good time to introduce myself and 95 Social in general. It’s time to put a face to the name and talk about what I want 95 Social to be.

About Me

I’m 21, Edinburgh born and raised and about to graduate with a degree in International Business Management from Heriot Watt University. For me, university has been a bit of a mixed bag. Despite being thankful for the opportunities my degree has offered me, I'm less fond of the theoretical side of things. I believe that the overwhelming majority of my personal business and marketing knowledge has come from practical business experiences I have had. From working with small businesses in Edinburgh and Malaysia to an internship with a multi-national in Hong Kong, I feel that practical learning is the way forward for me and for many others like myself. This is where 95 Social comes in.

(I'm the one without the fur...)

What Is 95 Social?

95 Social is essentially a marketing agency. Specialising in the creation of digital content (blogs, video, graphics), social media management and marketing consultancy, 95 Social is dedicated to working with small businesses. Great digital marketing shouldn't be the preserve of massive companies. 95 Social is on a mission to make small business marketing BIG by delivering the freshest concepts, the coolest content and genuine value to our clients.

We put our trust in Generation Z. 95 Social’s services are and will always be delivered by students and new graduates. This gives our clients the freshest ideas and amazing marketing at an affordable rate whilst offering essential practical experience to the business leaders of the future.

Where I See This Going

95 Social is starting small. I’m building the business myself and as I take on more clients will hire the most creative, ambitious and dynamic students and new graduates. Focusing on the Edinburgh region to start with, I’d like 95 Social to grow and work with the brilliant small businesses and talented students, graduates and ambitious young people located further afield. Whilst I’m focused on content, social media and consultancy right now, as 95 Social grows I’d like to find even more ways to work with small businesses to market and grow both creatively and effectively.

I’ve gained (what I think is) a fair amount of practical experience for someone my age and setting up a business has always been my major goal. With hard work, drive and an ethical business ethos, I hope that 95 Social will benefit many a small business and provide much needed practical business experience for ambitious young people.

If you'd like to find out more about 95 Social just give me a shout:

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