4 Apps Our Social Media Managers Can’t Live Without!

At 95 Social, a big part of our service involves creating content, scheduling social media updates and analysing the results. This can be a time consuming process but we have tested and trialled hundreds of different apps all designed to make social media management more efficient. Here are four that we can’t live without!


Globally renowned and used by social media managers at some of the world’s biggest companies, 95 Social runs on Hootsuite. The web based app allows updates for all of our clients to be scheduled ahead of time. This allows our clients to check all content before it’s posted and us to plan their social updates in conjunction with the business’ offline goings on.

Give Hootsuite a go here


WE LOVE CANVA. After Hootsuite, Canva is the most important tool in our arsenal. Canva makes creating aesthetic graphics easy. The online app allows us to save colour pallets for all of our clients, it lets us upload their logos and their brand’s fonts. Canva is essential for creating consistently high quality, branded content.

Get started with Canva right now

Smart GIF Maker

Social media is changing. In the past, images were enough. Today, video and animation is what your audience expects. This really neat Mac App lets us create high quality animated gif files for use on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Animations allow our clients to present more information to their audience in a far more interesting way.

You can download Smart GIF Maker for free here


Monitoring your social media stats is important. We use Cyfe, an affordable, simple and customisable analytics platform to measure our clients’ social media data. Easy to link up with all the major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, Cyfe allows us to present important social data to our clients in a simple yet aesthetically pleasing manor.

Check out Cyfe here

There are plenty of great apps out there that can take your social media marketing to the next level. Get in touch with our social media managers to find out how best to utilise these apps within your marketing strategy: hello@95Social.co.uk

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