Advice To A Politician From A Social Media Manager

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will have heard that a UK General Election is to be held on the 8th of June this year. It feels like we are all becoming very accustomed to voting on these shores, however, politicians still seem a little uneasy around digital campaigning and social media in general. So here it is, some advice to Britain’s politicians from a social media manager.

Get Involved

First of all, I would actively encourage any politician looking in to use social media. Like politics, social media is built for conversation and offers you a unique platform to express your views, persuade voters and show exactly what you stand for. Yes, there are negatives and it is a totally open forum but both politics and social media revolve around discussion. Social media, used correctly, can be a politician’s most powerful tool.

Be Concise

To onlookers, politics can seem like an exclusive and confusing world. In social media, many find a gateway into political conversation. As a social media manager, I understand the importance of simplifying and concisely conveying my clients’ marketing messages. As a politician venturing into the world of social media you must consider the mass audience you are speaking to. Keep things straight and to the point.

Actively Seek To Engage Youth

No demographic is more active on social media than this country’s young people. Have a look at Twitter, a substantial portion of today’s political conversation is lead by Britain’s young adults. Those aged 18 to 25 are there to talk and listen. Social media presents you with more opportunities to converse and engage with youth than any of your political predecessors have ever had before. Reach out to politically active online communities of young people and talk to them about their views, opinions, and dreams.

Be Your Actual Self

Remember, social media is all about speaking to people. As a digital marketer, I see businesses forget this when using social media all the time. They get their tone wrong and it comes across as static and impersonal. Remember to be yourself and be personal, this is the easiest way to make a connection with people in real life and online!

95 Social is a digital marketing agency offering content creation, social media management, and marketing consultancy. For more advice on the points raised in the above article or for a more general chat about social media and the future direction of digital communication don’t hesitate to email;

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