FAQ: What Is An Influencer?

The term ‘influencer’ is marketing’s new buzzword. We’re always told that influencers are important and that they can help our business, but what are influencers? Well, if you’re looking for a specific answer, stop reading. Here at 95 Social we don’t believe in black and white answers and the same ethos stands when we consider who is and who isn't an influencer.

A Member Of A Community

Influencers need people to influence (duh). So the first step in identifying what an influencer is, is to identify what we mean by ‘community’. However, let’s stop thinking of a ‘community’ in this sense that it has to be millions of online followers. A community can be any size and can exist online or offline. It could be a small circle of friends, a group of one hundred people with a shared interest or the inhabitants of an entire city. Regardless of size, all of these groups are their own unique communities.

What Does An Influencer Do?

Influencers are simply people that others listen to. When we consider traditional examples of ‘influencers’ we probably think of Kim Kardashian or David Beckham who wear a certain pair of shoes or a piece of jewellery and the whole world goes mad for it. This doesn’t have to be the case. Within Edinburgh, we see it all the time. A new restaurant launches, our friends go there, they say it’s good, we want to go. That’s what an influencer does. They make others think about something.

We Are Probably All Influencers

Yes, that’s right it’s likely that you yourself are an influencer. If you’ve ever told a friend or colleague about a great little restaurant you know or that your new trainers are the most comfortable shoes you’ve ever owned and this has registered with them in any way, then you are an influencer. Just because you don’t have millions of followers or a global army of fans, doesn’t mean that your actions and suggestions aren't influential. They are!

Influencers Are Unreachable For Small Businesses

WRONG. That’s where social media comes in. Let’s say you own a small cafe in Edinburgh. Using social media you can identify individuals who already have a relationship with your target market and contact them. When they recommend your business, your target market is far more likely to listen than they would to a poster or Facebook ad. Such influencers already live and work in your city and maybe already love your product. Working with them is easier than ever all thanks to social media.

Here at 95 Social we’ve been working hard to build a network of niche, local, Edinburgh influencers that have the power to speak to your target market more directly than has been possible before.

Speak to us today about how we can help you find the perfect local influencer for your small business: hello@95Social.co.uk

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