How To Tell If Your Social Media Marketing Is Working

One of the first questions clients ask us is: “how do I know if my social media marketing is bringing me customers?”. This is a great question and it’s very important to understand where your money is going, particularly as a small business owner. Big companies have complex analytics system and big data collection methods that, let’s face it, small businesses cant afford. That doesn’t mean you cant measure success though. Here are 3 very simple ways to measure social success that you can try today.

1. Use a Promo Code

Looking to figure out if anyone is actually reading your Facebook posts and then visiting your shop, studio or cafe? A great way to do this is to offer a social media exclusive offer and create a unique promo code. If people use the promo code in real life, you know your social media is being seen. If not, then maybe you need to change your strategy. Remember to count the number of people using your promo code. Is social media bringing in a good number of people or could it be improved?

2. Ask People Where They Heard About You

It may seem simple, but often the best thing to do is to simply ask. When you attract a new client, always remember to ask; “where did you hear about us?”. Make a note of it and at the end of the month assess your results. How many were recommended by a friend? How many stumbled upon your website? How many saw you on social media?

3. Observe Your Post Engagement

You’re getting hundreds of likes on Instagram? That’s great, but do you ever go through your ‘likers’ and see who they actually are? This is something that’s very important. It may be that some of your ‘likers’ have actually converted to customers, in which case; keep it up. If you’re attracting a large audience who are based in California, focus on localising your content to appeal to a local audience. Use local hashtags like #Edinphoto or #edibleEdinburgh. Next time you may only get 40 likes. However, it’s better to get 40 local likes than 100 likes from people living in Timbuktu.

Measuring the success and real life impact of your social media efforts is not easy. There isn’t one sure method of being absolutely sure that you’re doing great. Have a go at experimenting with our three easy methods. Figure out which works best for you and is appropriate for the platforms you use.

Looking for more help? Get in touch with a 95 Social media manager today. We’re happy to stop by for a chat about your social media marketing and content.

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