CAUTION: Facebook Ads

Over the past week or so, a common trend has emerged throughout our various meetings with clients; Facebook Ads. As a notoriously difficult platform to build a marketable following on, Facebook often tempts small businesses in with their advertising platform. The affordability and promise of being seen by thousands tends to result in small business owners shelling out for an advert on a regular basis. However, we’re sceptical. Here’s why:

The Audience Conundrum

You’ve selected a great piece of media for your ad and the wording is perfect, all that’s left is to filter your target audience. Despite your meticulous audience selection, the people that actually end up engaging with your ad are not quite what you expected. We find that Facebook’s audience filtering tools can be a little hit or miss and it’s something you need to consider before paying for an advert. There may be other ways to reach out to a more specific and appropriate audience for your business; such as writing a guest blog or running a simple competition.

Deep Engagement

When you buy a Facebook Ad you can choose to focus on promoting post engagement. This will of course encourage users to like, share and comment on your advert, however; be wary! There is a difference in someone liking your post once and someone engaging with your business. Your goal on social media should always be to form a long term relationship with followers. A one off like won't get you far as a small business owner. You may have an impact on the odd person, but it’s much better to look for longer term engagement. Facebook Ads can’t guarantee an engaged following, but good, consistent content can.

Real Results

Ultimately, the aim of your Facebook presence should be to drive real life sales and results for your business. Facebook Ads can give you a quick boost and help spread the word, but remember that without good, consistent content you’ll never see a meaningful offline return on investment. Drive offline sales by entertaining, informing and engaging your audience every week. Don’t expect overnight results because of a one off marketing campaign.

Ultimately, Facebook Ads can work and can be beneficial. However, be sceptical about the results you are being shown. An ads success is often short lived. Remember that targeting a specific audience is key and that quality consistent content helps drive offline results.

Consistently good quality content takes time. As a small business owner, time is often in short supply. Thankfully, we’re here to help! Email us today to find out how we can help you get the most from your small business’ social media:

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