Learning From The Best: Social Chain

When you set out in business it’s important to look at what other businesses are doing. Our new 'Learning From The Best' series gives you a quick insight into the companies we like to learn from here at 95 Social.

In our opinion, Manchester based company, Social Chain, are the world’s best digital marketers. We’ve learnt a lot from Social Chain’s approach and we think that you, as a small business owner, can too…

Who Are Social Chain?

Social Chain was founded in 2014 when entrepreneur, Steve Bartlett and Dominic McGregor, the owner of the hugely popular Facebook page; Student Problems, teamed up. Realising that Facebook pages with huge followings could influence millennials, the pair set about recruiting the owners of the most popular social media pages in the UK such as Sporf. With a team consisting of the individuals behind the most popular social accounts in the world, Social Chain use their extensive digital reach to promote international brands to millennials around the world.

What We Have Learnt From Social Chain


With an average age of 21, Social Chain understand the ability of young people. At 95 Social we do too. 95 Social has always been about the talents of students and new grads, but Social Chain’s success has inspired us to re-emphasise our commitment to youth. Young people can produce seriously impressive results for any business.


Social Chain post aesthetic, well designed and engaging content on all of their social platforms. Content is key and Social Chain’s commitment to quality content has inspired us here at 95 Social to carefully consider the value and quality of all our social media content. We always strive to be unique, audience focused and engaging.

What Your Business Can Learn From Social Chain

Personal Branding

Social Chain CEO, Steve Bartlett has declared 2017 as the year of the personal brand. Personal branding requires you to grow your brand as an individual. As a small business owner, you are an expert in your product, service or field. Show people this and promote yourself as an expert. Your business will benefit from your positive reputation.


Social Chain is essentially a group of influencers. Working with the biggest brands in the world they achieve incredible results for their clients. However, as a small business owner, you can apply the same logic to your business. Influencers work and identifying individuals that appeal to your audience can be incredibly rewarding.

Social Chain look set to continually set the standard by which all digital agencies compare themselves. Translating their insights into a context that works for your business allows us all to learn from Social Chain. At 95 Social, we recognise their place in our industry and hope to put what we can learn from an exciting and growing business into practice for our clients.

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