We Know Why You’re Neglecting LinkedIn

When you think about social media marketing, what platforms do you think of? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat? We’ve noticed that lots of small businesses are ignoring LinkedIn and don’t consider it important to their digital marketing strategy. But trust us, it definitely can be!

“LinkedIn isn't that personal though!”

How is LinkedIn not personal? People all over the world are trying to sell themselves to companies looking to hire them. It’s arguably the most personal social network there is. When people use LinkedIn, they often need to be more alert to the content they are seeing as they look for job opportunities and business advice. Promoting your product or service and LinkedIn is like pitching to a group of people who are ready to listen. On Facebook and Twitter, we mindlessly scroll. On LinkedIn, we thoughtfully scroll. Tell your story on LinkedIn, people are more engaged there.

“It’s not really the right place to promote my business”

This is a common reason for not marketing on LinkedIn. BUT, LinkedIn (despite what you might think) is not a social network for business robots. It is a network for business-minded people. These people all have hobbies, families, likes, dislikes and interests. Simply signing in to LinkedIn doesn’t remove someone’s personality and people on there will be interested in your product or service, whatever it is. Furthermore, as it is neglected by so many, maybe your business will stand out on LinkedIn. Give it a go.

“I’d have to use a formal tone on LinkedIn” False! The tone of your promotional material must be appropriate for both the platform and your audience, but LinkedIn is not always a formal social network. Some of the most shared articles and posts on LinkedIn use an informal or humorous tone. Don’t be intimidated by LinkedIn’s business focus. Let your brand be itself and you’re bound to make a good impression.

LinkedIn is different from Facebook and the rest but it has lots of value for all types of businesses. With a carefully planned strategy targeted at a particular audience, your business can be a success on LinkedIn.

Get in touch today to discuss how 95 Social can help give you a foot up on LinkedIn: hello@95Social.co.uk

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