Learning From The Best: Social Bite

The business world is often presented as a harsh and unforgiving environment. However, times are changing and today businesses should have a greater purpose. At 95 Social, we are firm believers in offering so much more than great value for our clients. One Scottish sandwich chain; Social Bite, has inspired the way we think about business and has shaped the way we operate. Social Bite represents all that is good about business and, your small business, like us, can learn a lot from them.

Social Good

As a social enterprise, Social Bite has bigger goals than just selling fantastic sandwiches and coffees. All of Social Bite’s profits are invested in worthwhile projects at home and abroad, benefitting those struggling with homelessness and poverty. We believe that every business, whether a social enterprise or not, should have social goals that benefit society in some way. At 95 Social, we aim to help young people gain frontline, practical experience. For us, Social Bite set an example for the way that business should be conducted.


As well as having a positive social impact, Social Bite put a real emphasis on their people. Employing people who have struggled with homelessness whilst empowering and training their staff, Social Bite represent a fantastic example of how a business should treat its employees. As a small business owner you can learn from Social Bite. Empowering your employees and building a workplace they can be proud of is beneficial to your business and society as a whole.


Social Bite aren’t like many other sandwich shops and in order to help society as much as they can, they have shown incredible ambition and growth. An impressive marketing strategy, fantastic product and a will to do business in the right way has seen Social Bite grow rapidly. Their impressive growth benefits our society and provides much needed investment for life changing projects around Scotland and the world. As a small business owner who wants to make a difference, ambition is key. Building a flourishing business can have wider positive implications that can enrich lives and communities.

Social Bite have received national and international acclaim. We truly believe that they not only set an example of how modern business should be conducted but that all small businesses can learn from the way they operate and improve themselves as a result.

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