By now, I’m sure you’re fed up of reading our blogs about Instagram and Instagram stories. However, you’re going to want to read this one. Instagram has just launched stories for locations. Not only are these just cool to watch, it could benefit your small business.

What Is It? Stories for locations essentially gathers Instagram users’ personal stories from cities around the world. Instagram’s algorithm then process the stories and adds them to one big story for each individual place. Users can then search for anywhere in the world and see the best videos and pictures taken there that day. For example, when you search for ‘Kuala Lumpur’ you see a series of videos taken by Instagram users in Malaysia’s biggest city.

Kuala Lumpur's Instagram Story Today

Why Should You Care

Firstly, this underlines Instagram’s commitment to stories and (in our opinion) takes it out of ‘fad’ territory. Secondly, this has the potential to be of serious benefit to your small business. As people continue to turn to Instagram (as opposed to TripAdvisor etc) for recommendations of things to do, places to eat and places to see, being featured regularly in your home city’s Instagram’s story could be incredible exposure. Being featured within your local Instagram story could showcase your products and your brand to thousands of nearby consumers, driving real offline traffic for your business.

How To Get Featured & Measure Results

Well, Instagram are remaining relatively tight lipped about just how you get featured on a location’s story. However, it is likely that their algorithm will favour high quality, unique and relevant content. We imagine that there will be a heavy emphasis on video as opposed to still images, so you should prioritise capturing video and remember to include a ‘geosticker’ (like the one below).

Measuring your reach and engagement level, could also be tricky. When you are featured on a place’s story you will see the number of views just as you usually do when checking your story’s view count. Attributing offline sales to a place on your local Instagram story is essentially guesswork. However, time will tell whether real people actually use Instagram’s location based stories and the impact they can have for small businesses.

Edinburgh's Instagram Geosticker

As this is a brand new feature, it is difficult to judge whether it will take off and become popular. However, Instagram has over 400 million daily users representing a giant audience looking for the freshest new content. Happy snapping.

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