Learning From The Best: Dough Pizza

When you run a small business there is a lot to think about; where to locate, your target market, how to make your product, pricing and how to market your business. Few businesses successfully consider each of these important factors, however, one local Edinburgh pizza bar has (in our opinion) got it down. Dough Pizzeria is a growing Edinburgh pizza chain, now with two outlets. Their success has been, in most part, down to their ability to fuse a great product with a great brand and an accessible location. All small business can learn a thing or two from Dough about how to build a local smash hit.

A Great Product

It’s all about the pizza! And at Dough, that pizza just happens to be the best in town. Central to Dough’s success is their hugely popular and incredibly tasty product. Using ingredients from Italy, their pizzas are authentic and always cooked to perfection. Consistency is key and is something that all small businesses can learn from. Whether you are selling a physical product or an intangible service, Dough show us that getting your product right and and consistent every time provides a great platform for business success.

A Timeless Brand

If you’ve walked past Dough’s first shop on Rose Street in Edinburgh, the first thing you notice is its timeless pizza parlour aesthetic with a modern edge. Alongside the amazing product, Dough’s brand is unique and stands out in Edinburgh’s crowded marketplace. The appeal of Dough’s brand also transcends generations and is instantly eye-catching to consumers of all ages. This is a prime example of how a clear and timeless brand can help a small business gain widespread recognition and traction within a local marketplace very quickly.

Accessibility & Value

Dough’s triple threat comes from their city centre location and pin point pricing. Getting your hands on a toasty Dough pizza is easy; a local delivery service and one (soon to be two) great city centre location is more than ideal. Dough doesn't break the bank either, the price of their product reflects its quality yet represents great value for money. As a small business owner, pricing and location should be a priority. Success will be hard to find if customers cannot get their hands on your product.

Dough is growing, with a new shop in Newington opening very soon. If you’ve never had a slice from Dough, what are you waiting for? Pick up a pizza and take a look at their brand and service delivery, it’s a great template for how to build a great local business.

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