A Tough Few Months: An Update From Jack

I legally registered 95 Social on the 19th of April and it’s been a few months since I wrote a little update. I want to keep this as honest as possible and not sugar coat what it's like to start a business, so here goes

It’s been a busy time for 95 Social and for me. Personally, I’ve finished uni and moved back home. 95 Social now has a few clients, it’s going well and has allowed me to identify areas that need improvement. Overall, things are ok, but I won’t lie, this is hard.

A Tough Few Months

Starting a business is obviously tough. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but as friends move into solid jobs following uni, I’m starting to feel the volatility of starting out on my own. New businesses are always up and down, some days it looks like you’re about to take off and others it looks like the worst decision you’ve ever made. Personally, I have struggled with this. I believe a lot in 95 Social and am very clear in what I want to achieve, so when the business has a bad day, so do I. On days when things appear to be going well, I feel great, but when it’s not so good I generally feel quite low. I guess this is all part of starting a business and dealing with it all is something you learn along the way.

I look at life as being broken down into two sections; work life and social life. Starting 95 Social has shown me just how important a good social life, supportive friends and family are when setting up a new business. When the work side of life is turbulent, a stable social life is essential to your happiness.

I’ve probably not been too much fun recently. Admittedly, the past few weeks have been amongst the most difficult I've ever had, but with hard work, the next couple will be great.

Getting Into A Routine

As university comes to an end and I move more-or-less into full time work with 95 Social, keeping a solid routine is becoming important to me. Planning my day so I don’t just end up sitting on the laptop writing blog posts and messing about on Canva is essential. Getting up, going to the gym, walking Clova and working in different spots around town helps me keep a routine. (This paragraph doesn’t serve much purpose but it helps give some context to the next one).

The New Guy

Keeping a routine is difficult when it’s just me and not having someone to bounce ideas off was far from ideal. About a month ago, I got an email from a guy named Jamie who was interested in 95 Social. I met Jamie and he seemed like he would be a good addition, allowing the business to grow quicker. He has great social media experience and his outlook on things compliments mine well. So welcome to Jamie! He’ll be working with me on 95 Social over the summer and I’m sure will help with growing the business and delivering great service to even more clients.

I hope this blog post got more positive as it went on. You never really read about the difficult aspects of setting up a business, aside from people saying "it's not easy". I wanted to write a bit about what is specifically difficult. I seriously believe in this business concept and look forward to building it over time.

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