Facebook Reactions Aren’t Just A Gimmick, They're Serious!

‘FACEBOOK ARE ADDING A DISLIKE BUTTON’ was 2013’s answer to Fake News. Every now and then this story would pop up and millions would go into a meltdown at the prospect of being able to do more than just like a friend’s post. Eventually, Facebook introduced reactions. These five familiar emojis seem harmless but they actually appear to have a fair bit of power when it comes to how Facebook works.

Adding Context

Firstly, let’s look at this from a marketing point of view. Reactions allow you to interact with customers at an even deeper level. Marketing is always so much more effective when it encapsulates emotion and Facebook reactions allow you to do that. Giving your audience the ability to add more context to their interaction with your brand using only a single click is a powerful thing.

Data, Data & More Data

Now, let’s take a look at things from Facebook’s perspective. 80% of Facebook’s total revenue comes from mobile advertising. What makes Facebook such an important advertising tool is the data they have on us all. They know all of our likes and dislikes which they can use to show us adverts that we’ll react to. In the past, all Facebook could see was whether you ‘LIKED’ something. Without any other way to react, they were losing out on gathering a lot of data about how we feel about certain types of content. Don’t be fooled, Facebook didn't add reactions so you could show that you were ‘ANGRY’ about something. They added reactions so they know when you’re ‘ANGRY’ at something.

Shaking Up The News Feed

So, Facebook have added a new way to react to content. Why would I even bother using them? It’s just so they can collect more info about me isn’t it… Well, if all your friends are using it, you’ll do it too, won’t you? OF COURSE YOU WILL. Don’t try and deny it. To encourage you to use reactions, Facebook tend to push posts with more than just ‘Likes’ to the top of the News Feed. However, this is where we can play Facebook at their own game. Encouraging your audience to ‘react’ to your content pushes you further up the News Feed, getting you more exposure… Smart right?

We are seeing great results for our clients using Facebook reactions. Send us an email and we’ll be sure to react straight away and help you find your feet on Facebook: hello@95Social.co.uk

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