Why Oh Why Is Your Cafe On Twitter?

When I visit new clients, the first question I ask is: “what does your business do on social media?” and the second question is always “why?”. As a social media agency, specifically focused on the small business market, I visit a lot of cafes and restaurants. Every day, I am astounded by the number of similar businesses that prioritise Twitter. Why are artisanal cafes on Twitter? It makes no sense. So if you know a cafe owner, send them this list and tell them to prioritise another platform!

Play The Percentages

When you think about Twitter and the people that use it regularly, what springs to mind? Politically focused activists, broadcasters and journalists accompanied by the odd comedian and most of the world’s media outlets. It’s not that those people won’t be looking for a pastry and a coffee or a slap up Italian meal, they probably will at some point, but at the very moment they read your tweet, they’re probably not thinking about that. Twitter is simply a more business focused platform than Facebook or Instagram. This means that although the users are there, the percentage of people looking for your product whilst using Twitter is significantly lower than it would be on Facebook or Instagram.

It’s Limited

Running a cafe or restaurant is all about creating an impressive product. Whatever it is you serve, be that; coffee, cakes or pizza, showing off your business on social media requires high quality photo and videos of your product and your customers. The thing with Twitter is that it’s not the best when it comes to showing off great visuals. Don’t get me wrong, it’s ok, but with Facebook and Instagram you have far more flexibility and can show off your product in a far more creative way. Do your products justice people!

Think Long Term

Despite Twitter’s omnipresence in the daily news cycle thanks to a certain US President, the social network has struggled to modernise and remain relevant. Twitter’s growth is stalling, users of all ages are spending more time on Facebook and Instagram whereas teen users are big fans of Snapchat. This leaves Twitter in a risky position. Investing in Twitter may be a suitable strategy for a commercial business, news organisation or B2B business, but for an exclusively B2C focused business like a restaurant or cafe this is probably an inefficient use of funds. Go where the growth is and where your brand and products will be appreciated by the right audience; Facebook and Instagram.

Maybe It Does Fit You

Recently, I've met with a few prospective clients who own coffee shops and are considering expanding their catering service. This is where Twitter could be useful. Think really simply about this. Facebook & Instagram are frowned upon at work. Yet in an office scenario, Twitter is acceptable (it's a news source, DUH). So in this case, where you are looking to attract corporate clients Twitter might just be your greatest weapon.

Ultimately, in 2017, Instagram & Facebook are a cafe or restaurant’s best friend but using them effectively isn’t easy. Get in touch with 95 Social today to arrange a quick chat about how we can help.

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