Sorry For Adding So Many Instagram Stories

If you follow @95SocialUK on Instagram you will have noticed the increase in stories recently. Now, despite what you may think, this was genuinely an experiment to see just what happens when you log everything you do for an entire week. I’ve blogged a lot before about how important it is to add personality to your brand. An Instagram story is a fairly straight forward place to start and it just so happens to have some fairly impressive results.


I’m not a fan of using ‘reach’ as an analytical measurement. I feel it’s generally a hollow way to measure your impact. However, as a new business, visibility is key and adding to your Instagram story regularly has a significant impact. Last week, as I ‘Instagram storied’ everything I did, 95 Social’s reach rocketed. We reached over 1,500 new people compared with the week before. As a start up, this makes a significant difference. Finding an audience is tough and being visible is even tougher. Adding to your story regularly accelerates your reach and can bring you even greater exposure.


A major reason for posting multiple Instagram stories each day was to examine the impact it would have when we posted a traditional photo from the 95 Social Instagram account. On average, we receive engagement of about 30 likes per photo. During the week that I ‘Instagram storied’ religiously, our engagement improved. Where we would usually see around about 30 likes, we saw 40 or 50. Engagement is where it’s at and in my opinion the most important measure for a small business. It shows that people are listening and regular updates mean they listen more.


Like reach, I’m not too interested in followers, especially when it comes to the business account. We’re a B2B business and there is no tangible product which makes 95 Social difficult to grasp for the traditional Instagram user, so our follower numbers will always be relatively low compared to a fashion brand or restaurant. However, follower numbers can always be improved. Multiple daily updates worked wonders for our follower count. Within the week, @95SocialUK quickly racked up over 15 valuable new followers. For any small business, this increased audience size is valuable and a consistent increase could be majorly beneficial.

Offline Results

Ultimately, 95 Social is still in its very early stages. We have the odd potential client contact us about working with them, but generally it is a case of us approaching new clients. That’s the truth of it. When you start a business, it’s a constant effort to convince people to take a chance on you. However, in the week that I ‘Instagram storied’ everything, more businesses than ever before got in touch. Simply showing the world that ‘someone was home’ had a marked difference. People called and emailed us wanting to work together. For a young company, that’s huge and anything to smooth the path to finding new clients should be welcomed.

Obviously, I know that Instagramming every boring aspect of my life is dull and quite frankly annoying (plenty of friends have told me), but from a business point of view; it works. This experiment is evidence of what any small business can achieve by being consistent, honest and visible on social media. Give it a go… All the best!

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