How To Select Your Social Platforms In Under 2 Minutes

As a small business owner, the biggest challenge you face when it comes down to getting started on social media is selecting which platforms to prioritise. Like any business decision, you have to do your research. Doing research isn’t always feasible or affordable but in this case, you wouldn’t believe how easy it is.

With social media, everything is online and even more importantly, the vast majority of your audiences’ social media time will be spent on their mobile. Thankfully, most smartphones have a handy function that allows you to instantly see what social networks someone spends most time on, which will allow you to choose the platforms to prioritise.

On an iPhone, all you have to do is go into the phone’s settings, select ‘Battery’. Simply scroll down and click ‘Last 7 days’ and clock icon to see how long has been spent on each app over the past week. It should look something like this:

Above is my app usage. You can easily see that Facebook is my go to social network, followed by Twitter and then Instagram with Snapchat lagging behind. You can also see other not so interesting things such as that I listen to podcasts more than music and use iMessage 3X more often than WhatsApp.

Now, if you're just setting out in the social media world or are looking to relaunch your online presence, I’d recommend gathering some of your target audience, offering them an incentive and taking a look at what social networks they spend time on.

Doing your research will allow you to select the correct platform for your business and target your audience in the right place. At the moment, there’s clearly not much point advertising a product to me on Snapchat, as I don’t use it often and the same goes for your audience. If your audience doesn’t spend time on Instagram then don't invest in it. Simple.

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