Love Island and Your Business

First of all, this isn’t a joke. Second of all, I'll be honest here, I watched the first episode and felt myself being sucked in so thought it best to leave it there. However, from the outside looking in, I noticed a few things about Love Island that could be particularly relevant to small businesses. For those of you who don’t know, Love Island is an insanely popular ITV2 reality TV show. The general premise is that a group of young, single people go away and live on a tropical island for seven weeks, gradually coupling up. Following seven weeks of gripping the nation every night, a couple named Kem and Amber were voted winners. 

The Impact of Groups

The first thing that jumps out straight away is the number of lives this TV show has taken over. I'm amazed by the number of people I hear talking about Love Island. The more people that talk to you about something, the more you consider giving it a go. The same concept can be applied to your small business. Create a buzz, use influencers to get people talking and the crowds should come. It’s worth noting the power that multiple sources telling you the same thing can have. In the past two months; my friends, colleagues and even my boss (I still have a part time job as I set up 95 Social) have asked if I’m watching Love Island. Multiple recommendations and an incredible buzz around a business makes people interested. 

Be Aware of Current Events

Love Island has captured the imagination of millions. On Monday night, almost 3 million people tuned in for the live final. Businesses across the country jumped on the event. Here in Edinburgh, popular Cowgate bar The Three Sisters hosted a live screening on a 255” screen usually reserved for rugby and football matches. When a significant event like this comes along and captures peoples' attention, your business needs to be aware. The Three Sisters got their strategy spot on. Reacting quickly to the popularity of the show gave them an extra night of roaring trade.

Young People and Social Media

I know, I know, I know, you’ve seen my blogs about memes and digital trends, but Love Island is conclusive evidence of how important social media is to young people. Millenials didn’t just watch Love Island, they were involved all day, every day. Whether it was memes, spoof twitter accounts or live updates on the Love Island Instagram story, social media was essential to the experience. As if more clarification was needed, the way to engage a younger audience is through smart, visual and humorous social media. 

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