How To Smash Social Media This Festival

It’s Edinburgh. It’s August. It’s festival time. The tourists are here and they’re looking to experience our amazing city by eating, drinking, seeing and doing everything it has to offer. Edinburgh is a packed marketplace at the best of times, but for the next month, it seems like everyone has a product or service to sell. Almost every single visitor will be walking around guided by their smartphone, making social media the place to be seen and heard this year. Here are our tips on how your business can stand out.

Video, Video, Video 

If Facebook is your business’ platform of choice, you NEED to up your video game. Stop posting pictures. Stop it right now. Facebook control their users’ timelines using an ever changing algorithm that prioritises certain types of content. Right now, posts that contain video are pushed higher up the timeline meaning that more people will see your content. Posting pictures is no longer good enough. We’ve changed all of our Social Media Management clients’ content over to video in order to push them up the News Feed and we’re seeing results, trust us this works. If you want to supersize your reach, start using live video. If you run a live video, you’ll almost certainly be boosted to very near the top of the News Feed. Edinburgh in August is a sight to behold, so film it and show the world.

Get On The ‘Gram

Walk down The High Street and chat to some of the performers (I know it’s customary to ignore any leaflets, but say yes and have a chat, it might be nice). The vast majority of performers coming to Edinburgh are relatively young. In this case, there’s a very good chance that they’ll be using Instagram. Instagram is the most popular social network with young people right now. With Edinburgh’s youth population booming this month, your business can’t afford not to be on Instagram. Take photos of the city, post funny stories and show the kids your business and why they need to visit you. 

Grab Yourself An Influencer 

Nothing is more useful in business than someone personally recommending your product. In Edinburgh today, there are a dedicated and incredibly talented bunch of unbelievably well followed Instagrammers (we call them influencers). I’m 22 and most of my friends discover the best new places on Instagram, through the pages of the city’s best Instagrammers. Having an influencer post about your shop, restaurant, bar or cafe gives you two things:

1) Massive exposure often to over tens of thousands of people instantly.

2) An instantly hipper brand image.

Work with an influencer (or let us find you multiple influencers) and watch your business’ exposure rocket.

Despite how we love to complain about the busy streets and packed buses, this is a special time of the year. Embrace it and make sure your business does too. Have a great Festival & Fringe 2017 from 95 Social :)

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