3 Steps To Instagram Story Success

I met with a new client last week. They told me that they never use Instagram stories to promote their business. For small businesses that are just starting out this is a pretty common occurrence. The businesses owners I meet, tend to be unaware of how to best use the stories feature. So here are 95 Social’s top tips!

1. Have a Personality

The client I met last week that told me they hadn’t started using stories to promote their business also told me that when they're using their personal Instagram account, most of their time is spend watching stories. We’re all hooked on stories because they offer an extra level of insight into the life of a person beyond a normal Instagram post. For brands, the same rule applies. People want to see something extra and a bit more personality, give them it!

2. Embrace Video

Instagram and social media has moved on from photo sharing. Today, video is key and is the best way to engage your audience. Instagram’s stories interface provides you with loads of great and simple ways to create and share video. Make your videos interesting and be sure to use different effects and filters to keep your audience engaged.

3. Be a Smart Tagger

Instagram stories aren’t just for your followers. They can be a good way to reach new audiences too. The key to this is making sure you use both hashtags and geotags inside your stories. Tagging your stories correctly will allow Instagram’s algorithm to include you in relevant public stories. Public stories are essentially a collection of different users’ stories that are searchable dependent on the tags they use (either location based or hashtags). This way, your brand can be found by other Instagram users who are interested in the type of content you publish.

Instagram stories are a great way to grow your brand in a visual and interactive way. Remembering to be personal, use video and properly tag your stories is important as it will allow you engage a larger audience.

We love Instagram stories (have you noticed) and we want to help you with them too! Get in touch with our Social Media team today for a free Instagram consultation: hello@95Social.co.uk

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