iOS 11 Is A Content Creator’s Dream

On Tuesday night at 6pm, iPhone users across the world received the annual buzz in their pocket alerting them that a new update was ready to install. Alongside the usual raft of ‘game-changing’ features filling the 1.89GB of Apple’s “biggest update ever” are a number of more subtle tweaks that really set iOS 11 out as an operating system that is made for content creators. Image Capture Cooler Than Your Canon The iPhone (and iPad if you have no shame) have always had great cameras and a good set of editing features. iOS11 takes this to another level. Just last week, I invested in some brand new photography equipment and already, I find myself reaching for the iPhone to make use of the amazing new photo editing features. My personal favourite is the incredible long exposure Live Photos. These incredible pictures had a great impact on our Instagram engagement and have been a great addition to 95 Social’s content creating arsenal.

All About Video The iPhone is not a slouch when it comes to video either. There aren’t a whole load of new features in this department but one fundamental change to the way iOS handles video is very beneficial for content creators. Internally, the way iOS 11 stores video (and images) is radically different, making file sizes smaller. This means you can save more minutes of video than you could before. Oh yeah, you can also record your screen (see an example from one of client’s Facebook pages below). Pretty neat huh?

Moving Content Here There & Everywhere Creating cool content isn’t much use unless you can use it. iOS 11 adds a brand new file system which you can find it right on your home screen. Essentially, ‘Files’ provides a central storage location for your favourite cloud based services. I use iCloud Drive (naturally it works well) however, Google Drive and Dropbox are also supported. More To Come From Apple They must be working pretty hard over there in Cupertino. Following iOS 11’s launch; new and improved iPhones, Apple Watches and TVs are launching today with hardware updates that will allow for even better content capture. This is of course due to be followed by the world’s most controversial iPhone launch in November when the iPhone X arrives. Love it or hate it, iOS 11 has some great new features for content creators and WAY more than I’ve mentioned here. Anyway, just to leave you in no unnecessary doubt, I decided to create a blog post packed with video and graphics solely using iOS 11 and you’ve just read it.... (All content included in this blog was created and edited using iOS 11)

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