Make Your Own Instagram Stickers

About 6 months ago we made a few Instagram stickers and didn’t think anything of it. We use them every now and then in our stories but had pretty much forgotten all about it. Yesterday, we had a look on Giphy (where Instagram stickers are hosted) and our stickers have been viewed over 1.9 million times.

Loads of you have told us that you want to make your own so here it is, the guide to making your own Instagram stickers!

Step 1

Before you even think about what your stickers are going to look like you need to register with Giphy. They host all of Instagram’s stickers so you’re going to need to sign up there. To get your stickers on Instagram, you have to have a verified brand account. You can do this by submitting your account for verification here.

This doesn't take too long, but if we’re remembering correctly it took a few weeks for us to be verified.


Step 2

Ok, you're in. Now you need to get some branded stickers made up. We made four stickers in total, they are branded but focus more on popular social media slogans eg. ‘Link In Bio’. This way other people are more likely to use them.

Instagram stickers must have transparent backgrounds. We made ours by creating each ‘frame’ of the gif as an individual image. Kind of like a Wallace & Gromit cartoon, you have to create each frame individually then stick them all together. The good news is that sites like Canva make this really easy as you can create duplicate multiple pages (or frames) and export them with transparent backgrounds. Once you’ve got all your frames exported as images, you need to stitch them all together. We used EzGif’s Gif Maker. You upload all your images, play around with how long each frame lasts, they stitch it together and you just download it. Easy.

The key is to keep them simple, sharp and impactful. You’re not making Toy Story 5, you’re making a one second animation that people will enjoy for 3 seconds.

Step 3

Now you need to upload your gifs. The good news is that if you’ve done step 1 and 2 correctly then this is easy.

Head into Giphy and hit upload. Upload your sticker (probably the file you downloaded from EzGif). You’ll be taken to the following screen. The key here is to make sure you add all the relevant tags you can. This will help as many people as possibly find and use your gif.

Then, hit upload and you’re done. It usually takes a while for them to go live so go grab a coffee, come back and search for your gifs, then tell all your followers to get using them!

Step 4

Fancy missing out all the above steps? Ask us to make them for you! Email and we’ll help you out.

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